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Environmental computer is on the way to the energy star a successful start with plenty of room for resonance not even 3 months as from the mass of the online shops highlighted aiming to counter the crucial computer components to the millions electricity wasters in offices and living rooms. Here are designed calculator to consistently combine environmental protection and sustainability in itself. In addition, the founders of the company have the great goal to reach the masses with fair prices. Rick Gerson understood the implications. Right there you should put on, says Christoph Ganapathy, spokesman of the company. We nowadays often read that data centers of the Republic of wasting vast amounts of energy.

Few speak of the millions of power-hungry desktop-PC BBs, used in offices and homes. Here the decision makers at companies and organizations, ultimately every person with the purchase of a new computer have the ability actively to intervene and do something for the environment. For this reason we do not place our product range “A high-performance computers and servers, but can reach with Office and home-PC BBs many interested people.” Now, the environmental computer online shop sells various computer, printer and other efficient computer components. Also switched Sockets belong to the party program because if one separates all equipment from energy-hungry standby mode, you can save considerable amounts of energy costs in the year. Usually you can only, if energy costs climb to new highs, but is watching not least also the possibility actively.”says Christoph Ganapathy, himself a consistent socket switch”. We appreciate the great response by companies, organizations and citizens, the interest in energy-saving and high-performance products is huge. I compare the current situation with a musical instrument, whose resonance room would be filled with good sounds. Many people bash the strings already, I see but still plenty of room for research in the industry and development to play at the end on the same wavelength. “Energy-efficient products should be no niche for insignificant product lines of the manufacturers, but the goal consistent research.” says Christoph GANAPATHY and would like to thank existing customers for their interest and trust.

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