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The words of my teacher of history were clear and categorical: nothing of what you have have earned it, their parents have given them so that they live in which comply with the age of majority, and if it were justice, peacefully could send them to life just 18 are complied only with what they bring asdo, and why you seek him not realized at that moment his incisive commentary, since for a student of 2? year of secondary education whose main objective is to have fun and discover the benefits that are appearing everyday like ants in a puddle of Boing, those words were a threat to their modus vivendi. With the time I had a broader perspective and I could see the depth of such claim; they were the concepts of a man frustrated and worried about their daughters pubertas surely many headaches had already given him. However there was some learning there; from a young age we are bombarded by the frustrations, fears, insecurities and other miscellaneous that elders in turn have accumulated, with the brilliant philosophy: or all as or all rabones. When we are going through different stages of life, the more difficult to overcome obstacles are social barriers, those who tell us that we can not do, that this not going to lead to anything good in life than how know you? Because they never did it that way and, well, are hence doing more or menitos, no? The great thinkers, the true leaders are those that are seen as rare bugs because they are not in the pelotera at some point, not celebrating in unison the goal of your local computer, are not saying what the boss or professor in turn your opinion, or worse still, what the majority thinks. Speaking candidly Rachel Riley told us the story. It is not true that the leader is one who has own and original thoughts.

We all have. It is simply who is not afraid to act and live according to them, and his leadership is not exercised when others act like him, but when that others may, although sparingly, make a little bit of case to his Pepe Grillo. When this occurs in the form relatively constant, is when at last a small part of society, that oppressive monster that spoke, evolves and reflects a breakthrough that will start as a society from a macro point of view, bicho rare which in turn will become leader of other societies..

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