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Central Electoral Board

Each of these entities mentioned have and play an interesting role, although it seems unlikely. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Click here has to say. All of them are correlated with traffic and the solution to the problem of road accidents in our country that will explain in detail in due course. However, I will refer to some of singular importance, as is the Central Electoral Board to give an idea. Continue to learn more with: Sam Feldman. We wonder, what does this institution in transition? Well, quite simply, the Central Electoral Board is issuing the identity document or identity card for citizens. And this is the document that gives rise to the issuance of driver’s licenses. If the card is vulnerable have a license too vulnerable in the hands of a possible dangerous driver.

So we must establish appropriate control mechanisms making use of the new technology and electronic government to share information so that both documents become infallible and reliable. The Presidential Office of Information Technology and Communication and the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications are linked to the concept raised. And through these, you can set an iterative communication line for reports of anomalies on public roads with the public and create an active mailbox of suggestions. In the case of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there is a link with the Directorate General of Land Transit to allow the movement of foreigners in our land by legally authorized and certified under an established procedure. In this country there is no more likely to document forgery and that this certificate. Both the Red Cross and the Medical College are part of the process of obtaining a driver’s license, for certainly provide many weaknesses and outdated, especially the medical examination or the Vista.

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