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Not all values are included in the gold, all virtues are understood in simplicity.Tomas Carrasquilla the dynamics of modern business demands that management carries out its tasks in an effective, proactive manner, where the Secretariat plays a role, very important collaboration in their achievement. The Secretariat at present must have a number of requirements, features that avaluen its good performance, are a guarantee of effectiveness, successful collaboration so that management will achieve its objectives. Being a Secretary is one profession rather than a profession, much more than a simple springboard for approaching another post, and much more than a hobby. It is an important position; not for nothing the newspapers every day and everywhere requested a number of highly qualified Secretaries. Notes that it is frequent that the Secretariat is the first image of the institution to outsiders: both for those who come to it, as well as for those who stay away, for these past through correspondence and phone. The figure of the Secretariat continues to evolve, as continues to evolve the company; and we don’t know specify until that point that evolution is due to her.

Every day is more momentous within modern society the role of the company and it seems that every day is more important to the Secretariat in the company. We see it as a promoter, as a cheerleader, as Coordinator, as an Executive, as a close and active Assistant in major decisions. Which could be these characteristics? Suedi Leon Jimenez, provides us with some such as; Be worthy of the utmost confidence. Count with a good training, up-to-date knowledge, strength, discretion, character, personality, behavior, are key for the existence of a relationship of absolute confidence. Intuition, intelligence support from a secretariat intuitive and intelligent is fundamental in order to serve the largest number of possible topics and make it stress free and in good shape.

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