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Burger King

They serve themselves of the things to say of some another thing. This analysis foca three main messages supplied the public by means of the images. They are: plastic, icnica and linguistics. For one better agreement, to follow became one brief contextualizao of these types of message. The plastic message if summarizes to the forms and the colors, to the lines gifts in the image, nothing beyond what if it can see. For the analysis, it must be started for the complete description of these elements.

The next step is the relation of the plastic information with its meanings. What our eyes cannot see, but experiences make in them to know what that wants to say. It is to know to relate the white color with the peace, the red with passion and the black color in signal of I fight, for example. The third message is about the linguistics, and the proper name already translates its especificidade: words. The composition of the message advertising executive is structuralized of a form that the human look selects in the announcement the information most excellent for itself. The direction of the reading is certainly determinative: of the left for the right.

It is a standard occidental person, whom also it determines that the look must be pulled for the strategical point of the announcement. The conventional model of this type of construction is in Z, that starts in the high one for the left, making to read something that leads the look of the high one to the right to go down to the left under, retaking the reading of a small text that finishes with the representation it product the right. (JOLY, 1996). Below we can observe as the marks had used this standard. Now with the contextualizados concepts, the description of outdoors that they are part of this study. The billboard of Burger King is located in a strategical point of the city of Itaja, to the side of a traffic light, where cars need to obey the signalling.

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