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Beijing Attractions Tips

esulta difficult to summarize the beauty of a city such as Beijing (also known as Beijing), with a history as rich as neat has resulted in names which today is the capital of the people’s Republic of China. For more information see patrick dwyer denver. With settlements dating from several centuries before Christ, its history as a city dates back to more than 3000 years ago. Many places of interest to visit this city is huge, which makes it difficult to choose just a few and recommend them. Best thing is contact one Office of tourism and set a route covering as best as possible the time available to us. In addition to those already mentioned in the description of the city (the forbidden city, the Tiananmen Square, the Temple of heaven and the summer palace), Beijing we can not miss the Ming tombs, the great wall of China, Daguanyuan garden or the cavern of Peking Man. Forced break is the great wall of China, one of the wonders of the world and heritage since 1987. Learn more at this site: Joe Wilkinson. Passes 75 kilometers from Beijing, but deserve the bad book a few hours of our stay. The wall, built three centuries before Christ, is the most emblematic construction of the country and a symbol of Chinese civilization.

Nearly a quarter of china’s population at the time of its construction participated in the works of the great wall. Subsequently, some parts have been reformed. An impressive image of the satellite walls can be viewed from the NASA Earth Observatory. The excellent site Travel China Guide offers a photo gallery of the wall as it passes through different areas of the country. The Ming tombs are also to several tens of kilometres from the capital, specifically about fifty.

They are buried several emperors and empresses of the family that ruled China for nearly three centuries. Daguanyuan is a replica of the imperial garden described in the novel the dream of the Red Pavilion, written at the time of the Qing dynasty. Initially built thinking serve as outdoor decoration for the filming of a series based on the novel but later decided that it would be permanent. Since 1988, year in which finished its construction, has become one of the tourist attractions of the city. For lovers of history and anthropology, Zhoukoudian (the cavern of the Peking Man) is a must-see. It is located 50 kilometres southwest of the city, it housed the remains of Peking Man, human specimen estimated may have about 200000 about 500000 years. For the man-eaters of books, visit the Marco Polo Bridge 15 kilometers southwest of Beijing, will be a great experience. The underground city of Beijing is one of the most curious things which you can visit in the city. Built during the cold war, in the 1960s, to defend a hypothetical Russian attack, the city has almost 100 entries, all of them originally secret but now part of the tourist attractions of Beijing. In the tunnels that were built there are now shops, restaurants and others local. The ruins of Yuanmingyuan (garden of protection and light) are also impressive. Although there are no more than traces of these ancestral gardens of the Qing dynasty, by 35 Yuan anyone can visit the ruins of the remaining buildings. Of course, Beijing boasts museums, libraries and exhibitions that visit, temples.

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