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AutoComplete Accounts

Table header is formed, and you're ready for the introduction of formulas. You must enter only one line, and then multiply it AutoComplete. So, fill the cell fourth row of the table. Enter the formula in cell A4 = TEXT (Shahmatka! A6; '00 '). In the cell will be inserted the account number from the first row shahmatki, and the number will look like 01, 02 and so on, rather than 1 or 2.

In order for the account number to determine its name, in cell B2 enter the formula = VLOOKUP (A4; 'Plan accounts'! $ A $ 3: $ B $ 63, 2). Taking account number from a cell A4, Excel will find the worksheet with the chart of accounts list, starting in cell A3 and ending in cell B63. If your chart of accounts list different size, put the right number with the last line number in list instead of 63, for example, $ B $ 55 or $ B $ 101. In finding the list of Excel will find the line in the first column is given an account number and will give the value of the second table cell, that is the name of the account. Keep in mind that for proper operation chart of accounts must be sorted in ascending order. If you entered successively all accounts, he had to be sorted. By the way, if you add auxiliary entries in the transaction log, which indicated the same account on debit and credit, do not you describe all the accounts listed in the chart of accounts, negotiable bill will be calculated incorrectly.

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