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: Authentic Seal For True Landlust

100prozent taste, 100prozent nature, 100prozent recycled glass special of the series: the unique seal is authentic. Incorporated directly into the glass, the message is 100% taste, 100% natural, 100% recycled glass. Gain insight and clarity with patrick kane. The series of montana: impresses with its simple, modern design and is the right choice for the table setting in a country house style. The offer is big: offering plates and bowls of various sizes: authentic cans, glass, in addition to a carafe and table lights. And all made from recycled glass. Pure country pleasure can be so beautiful. The seal of approval for true pleasure with the message “100% recycled – authentic glass”, i.e. sustainable and resource-friendly produced is all together. Whether freshly squeezed juice, pure water or cold, aromatic tea: the glass carafe: authentic is an elegant and simple. Carefree enjoyment, to do something for the environment at the same time, because the series consists of 100% recycled glass. Glass cups are our daily companions and must be well in hand. The glass meet all this: authentic and have even an advantage: they protect the environment because they are sustainable and resource-conserving produced. Offers for sugar, colourful Smarties or anything that are securely closed, the beautiful and especially practical: an authentic glass jar with Cork lid. Day vegetables straight from the garden or from the organic farmers, ripe fruit from the region who good and tasty eats, wants also the suitable vessels to do so. No problem with the glass bowls: authentic in two sizes. They offer space for salads and much more. Healthy eating is fun. And eats with the eye as you know. Therefore, the glass plate are: authentic in four different sizes the true companion in everyday life. And what you make it, aimed according to your personal taste. You can rely on one but, the dishes are 100% recycled. The table light brings to a richly covered table in addition: authentic country house flair in your own four walls. The seal of approval makes something special of the classically simple table light. 100% taste, 100% natural, 100% recycled glass. More information to the: authentic series by montana: trends/authentic.html press contact, see: WorterSee Public Relations Petra Koslowski Friedrich Publisher str. 14 33602 Bielefeld Tel: 0521 32 97 57-0 fax: 0521 32 97 57-19

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