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Auction Winners

If the auction winner refuses to sign the protocol they won by lot, such refusal is equivalent to evade the transaction and refusal to sign the sales contract won them a lot. 3.In the established regulations (rules) of the auction deadline to sign a sales contract acquired them a lot. In case of refusal to sign the winner of the auction in the Regulations (regulations) on Auction term sales contract won them a lot, they made a deposit is not refundable. 4. Pay on time gained a lot. In case of non successful bidder bought them lots within the prescribed period and the prescribed fee, the prisoner with a contract of sale is terminated and the deposit made is non-refundable 5.

Upon completion of the auction within the period prescribed Regulations (the Regulations) to all bidders, except Winners, they have the makings of a return made. full auction is considered invalid if: a) it was attended by at least two members (or the application is filed at least two candidates), and b) none of the participants after three announcements of the initial price has not raised the ticket, and c) the winner declined to sign the protocol on the auction they won by lot, or to sign the sales contract won them a lot, or in a timely and complete not paid for the acquired lot. All of the above applies to the auction closed to form parties, with the only difference being that 1) Participate in the auction can only persons who have sent invitations and publication in the media in this case is not required. 2) The organizer of open bidding may be waived by their conduct at all times with the following restrictions – the contest no later than 30 days before the event, auction no later than 3 days before the event, while the organizer of the sealed bid may refuse to conduct only under the terms of compensation invited participants to actual damages regardless of the length direction Notice of refusal are general provisions describing the procedure for bidding by auction. Documents that are necessary for the preparation of tenders and processing of their results: 1) Regulations (the order) of the organization and bidding (there are variants of the name) 2) Form of notice of the bidding, and 3) The documents accompanying the application (for natural persons and legal persons (residents and nonresidents), 4) The application form for participation in bid; 5) Shape of the deposit contract; 6) The form of the recognition candidates bidders; 7) The form of the registration of participants;.

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