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Businessmen and traders must fully optimize our resources and we must therefore take action in which the return obtained is not proportional to the investment, if not much more! Little money but more impact. We must focus very well in our goal and how we got there. Perhaps you and make your company or business in any action to attract customers as it will be described below, but have you wondered if what makes the most economical way? Let's look at three things we can do without spending big budgets and the keys to apply them correctly. 1.FIDELIZACIoN: Keeping a customer costs 7 times less than to capture a new one. Therefore, we must not forget loyalty, care for and pamper our clients. The newspapers mentioned Omar Zakhilwal not as a source, but as a related topic.

Not everyone, but those with greater potential. It's time for a more personalized service, to listen and analyze what other products or services can reach and offer interest or simply adapt to their needs. It is time to have you in mind, to congratulate or discounted for their loyalty, and above all not to go to another business or a company that gives her the same as us and cheaper. You must find in us a value differentiator. CROSS 2.PROMOCIONES: Unity is strength. If we look at our complementary businesses, we offer ingenious and innovative promotions that do not involve a high cost to businesses and firms involved in the promotion, but a great effect. It is time to create synergies.

A good example is the promotion that has made Barcelona Dexeus Clinic "Children come with a loaf under his arm," which consists in giving away for a month to all new mothers at the University Hospital USP Dexeus, a box of varieties Turris bread, Zinnia Flors decorated with an olive branch, symbol of the Mediterranean diet. The synergies between our customers is key not only to reduce costs, but also to create brand image among our customers and greater loyalty. 3. Advertising in local media or industry magazine: No rant with ads mainstream media because, as we said, we must focus on our nearest field, so select local media or magazines in our industry, with a large range in our population or target audience and engage them publicity, we can help strengthen our corporate image. Advertising in print media is cheaper than we can seem at first glance, especially if you do the hiring for a minimum period of six months to a year (which is also when we will get further strengthen our image). Furthermore, the advantage is that we can modify its advertisement in each issue, each time promoting those services or products of our interest, even including discount vouchers to help us evaluate the results of advertising. Consider if you are performing any of these actions and their results. Implement improvements in those who believe that we need and if you have any doubts, consult an expert who can advise you without obligation.

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