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Andres Apeloig

Fortunately I discovered a character giving beginning to a life of fears and fears, doubts and insecurities, opulence and waste, of knowledge and of roots, in each page, to each line a metamorphosis that compels us to feel firsthand the vicissitudes, fears, pains going noticing. His eloquence that one is so truthful feel the breath, the frustrations and why not, one, up accompanies him in pains, in his long and lengthy road to love. Andres Apeloig or Abraham Apeloig as it was his real name, becomes little by little, step by step, a child protected and pampered, a man accustomed to fear challenge. A man willing to break patterns, an eager man do, help. I must pause a moment at this point, because there is something that should be recognized in Andres Apeloig, he was a man full of life, supplemented in hopes, a decent copy of love, dedication and above all, proud of it. Fortunately left a legacy with their experiences that confirm and make up an important part of what was the dark passage of the Holocaust.

Andres Apeloig confirms my doubts that the survivors were not normal people. Each one of them managed to reveal a facet worthy of emulating. Each showed that luck could have taken effect ever, but are presented with hundreds of contrary evidence, struggled against adversity, in battles unmatched, where all came out winner. Here there is no longer the luck. The power having survived so much, is a sign of exclusivity, large capacity and above all an outlet of great and perfect attitude. Andrew is, and I say this even aware that his body is not, but I know that the life energy that I felt to penetrate its reading made me relive it, think about, chat my doubts, flatter their exploits, thanking his son Marcel, which has allowed me to learn from him. To read his memoirs we realize their detachment, his generosity, of values maintained at all times to own and others. We detect so many times that he could make a fortune, taking advantage of moments of hunger, it not considered fair, took no advantage of the moments of power, he always shared a snack.

Never spoke badly of his luck and so many negative things that come to mind at this moment. Perhaps because of those values that were planted him and no doubt the food and he did grow, which were its motto, emblem, flag and law. I want to make it clear that much what was not said in his book, was much what was not detailed and valuable what is left to luck, but with everything and this, Andres Apeloig, it think a champion of our people, a hero among heroes, a survivor special, a Jew like few others and I must adda being that it should be reason for study and its role with regard to its step against the Nazi Empire should be taken as sample and protagonist in a film in which everyone can reach to appreciate him and love him as I do since I di start reading your book.

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