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Air Europe

Embraer is third in the world-wide ranking of aircraft factories by invoicing level and already it takes constructed more than 4,000 airplanes than they operate in near 70 countries of the five continents. Although the quote of the action of Embraer has registered a strong fall during the 2008, the present value of transforms it to the action into an opportunity doing it attractive, considering that the company owns a good level of liquidity to face this context of credit restrictions, added to his low level of indebtedness, which allows to maintain its operating one him without inconvenient majors. In spite of the crisis, that has hit in the aeronautical sector, the company has managed to maintain its agreements of sales, not taking place cancellations and it has even managed to close new agreements in the last weeks, which fortifies its good perspective. During the past week it was known that Air Europe had made use of the option of purchase of six E-195 airplanes that it had from February. For Mauro Kern, executive vice-president of Embraer: Is the great news for Embraer and very we are satisfied in extending our relation with Air Europe . In 2007 Embraer it had made specific its enter the Asian market through a contract in the month of July of this year of sale of 10 airplanes to Japan Airlines. This year the delivery took shape of first of the 10 airplanes.

This year, in the middle of the crisis, Embraer continued with its policy of expansion: it announced that it will invest to 170 million Euros in two factories in the locality lusa of vora, in the South of Portugal, that will begin to work in 2012. On the other hand, the past month was known that Embraer is considering the possibility of making great airplanes but, with capacity more than 120 seats, to cover the niche with existing market between the regional airplanes and the great airships made by Boeing (NYSE: Airbus GOES) and. On this question, the financial director of Embraer, Antonio Ruiz Tame Pizarro, said: Is certain that now, we thought that the market well is provided by the existing models, Boeing 737 and Airbus A320, but our strategy is to wait for a little, mainly to determine that type of motor we can develop for this project . At the moment of uncertainty and the high volatileness that is reflected in portfolios of investment with a poor yield, Embraer appears like a good alternative so that the yields begin to take off.

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