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White House

Real estate real estate is an agency that has as function make the sale or lease of immovable property, such as houses, apartments, rooms and offices, as well as perform management of the leased properties. For sale or lease of goods, ownership earns a Commission which is paid by the owner. House a House, latin House (cottage), is a building constructed to be inhabited by a person or a group of people. You can organize into one or more plants, normally not exceeding three heights. You can also have a basement or a basement, and a passable top cover, known as roof.

If you have enough land, you can also count on patio and garden. It is the place in which developed historically specific relations of family life, from birth to death of many components and activities. It serves as a shelter against rain, wind and other weather agents, and protects against potential intruders, human or animal. Camdent Treatment Associates is likely to increase your knowledge. Also is the place where store your belongings and properties of its inhabitants. Also known as home to some community services, buildings like the Town Hall, the House of charity, relief House; House pawnshops, the maternity House, to institutional main venues, such as the White House, or Casa Rosada, or even the bad reputation, as the beds houses, houses quotes, etc. In contrast to the House, is often called a floor to the detached house forming part of one larger, usually of several heights building.

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