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Waldez Ludwig

To help them I go to count as the professional of? today? if it motivates. However it would like to detach before when I say professional of today, I mention myself to the professionals who are disputed by the great companies, whom success in its has proper business, and not it majority; therefore unhappyly the majority received a formation and if it holds as a professional of yesterday. We go to the answers of the beginning of the text. First if it does not believe the success of companies where the members (I consider here as members, as much the collaborators how much the owners) well are not remunerated, it is maken a mistake. First because? professional of today? he knows of its value, if auto-he motivates and same that not receiving the wage that he knows that he would deserve, works for the pleasure to show of what the capable one to make and if he delights when looks at for the fruit of a good work and can think: Eh, I am good. It knows that he will be discovered soon and he desires to be prepared pro following challenge, by the way, this word challenge acts in such way in its brain that no matter how hard let us not know to explain as still more becomes, it efficient in thinking as to surpass it.

The consultant Waldez Ludwig, certain time made an analogy of this type of professional with a football player; the player starts playing in small teamses, nor therefore makes goal against because it earns little, it of the o its better so that to one they discover it hour. In times where innovation is distinguishing of market (for many, survival question), to have this type of professional in its company, exactly that earning little it can take it the success..

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