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Ulm Intelligibility

Here, the research group recommends that urgent requirements should be made similar to leaflets for medicines. An approach to the simplification would be the default of certain standard rates. Because certain issues, such as such as foreign exchange risk, some providers is the same, a formulation could be used here, which is used for all products. These could be dictated by the authority”, so Dr. Haseloff. “So the consumer would spared simple facts by very creative euphemisms for right, as shown in an example from the study: investors is recommended, in addition of a tax advisory professionals about the tax consequences of acquiring, holding and sale or exercise or redemption of securities with particular reference to the personal circumstances of the investor one-on-one assistance to leave.” in this example, you can see very nice”, how very complex to write to fairly simple facts”, explains Dr. Haseloff.

“That could instead be formulated also clearly: Please consult a tax advisor regarding tax consequences.” Another common barrier for the intelligibility is the use of long and nested sets. A total of 20 percent of the sets in the GDP were even longer than 20 words. This means, every fifth sentence is to classify it due to its length as difficult to understand. The scattering is also interesting: while some GDP ever used any long sentences, some managed to formulate every third set as a set of tapeworm. In addition to long and nested sets, also technical language is a barrier for intelligibility. Even though GDP should be easy to understand, often unnecessary technical language has been identified, which significantly reduces the intelligibility.

It is however positive that a part of the GDP without consciously on jargon and try as far as possible to use a simple language. These approaches are certainly recognizable, but only at some of the GDP. Also appeared many GDP with preference to use foreign words and complex, compound words. To ensure, for example, terms such as asset care duty, “Direct limited” or examination credits”more for a misunderstanding among consumers. The study shows: GDP are definitely a step in the right direction, there is still a lot of work. Not only on pages of the banks, but also on the part of the authorities. There is a lack of clear targets and formulations. A test procedure for product information sheet would be important, in addition, before they are published. Only so can ensure ultimately that the consumer actually gets product documentation that it understands. The H & H communication lab GmbH is an owner-managed Institute for intelligibility. The company was founded in 2006 with headquarters in Ulm, Germany. Through a close connection to a university environment and a team of scientific experts, the company’s latest research findings and scientific methods integrated in its products. The services include consulting, scientific analyses, tests for clarity and user friendliness as well as providing intelligent language software.

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