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Massage is called mechanical effect on the human body. Massage is used as a prophylactic for the prevention of various diseases, as well as effective treatment for some of them. Distinguish sports, hygiene, medical and beauty massages. The application of sports massage helps athletes stay in good shape and improve efficiency. Massage Therapy is effective tool to combat certain diseases and injuries. But with the help of facial massage skin defects are corrected. Our skin starts to age very early. Since 25 years, she begins to lose elasticity.

In order to prevent premature aging of skin and long to keep its natural shape and elasticity, among other cosmetic procedures, a special massage. With the help of massage is effect on the facial muscles, which over time have become flabby. Massage causes muscles in tone, and as a consequence, smooth wrinkles, puffiness and leaves. The action of facial massage is usually focused on improvement of the face, neck and scalp. But in the process of massage is the improvement of not only those parts of the body, but also the whole body of the account arrives in the cortex of the brain impulses. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Prudential Financial and gain more knowledge.. Man begins to feel vigorous and energetic, it improves circulation, muscle tone to come. Official site: Herbalife.

If the facial massage is carried out regularly (1 time per week), then as a result slows down the aging process, reconstruct the shape of a person reduces the number of existing wrinkles and greatly slow down the process of the emergence of new ones. Brandes has many thoughts on the issue. Gradually, through massage improves skin tone and general condition of the skin of face and neck, the second decline chin, and folds of fat will be removed. Massage technique involves the use of such techniques as stroking, kneading, vibration shock, and the movement of the masseur to be soft and gentle. Stroking the acts on the nervous system sedative. With such exposure increases skin elasticity and firmness. Receiving stretch is applied to remove the swelling, remove fat deposits and reduce the size of scars. Kneading improves muscle tone. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from cornell capital. Start and finish with a light massage should be gentle movements. To increase the effectiveness of massage is necessary to combine it with all sorts of cosmetic procedures, such as steam baths, masks and peels. In addition, for each type of person should be selected appropriate means for a massage. If the skin is dry, then massage is performed only after the person apply nourishing moisturizer. But oily skin massage therapists are often sprinkled with talcum powder before the procedure. Distinguish prophylactic (hygienic), a plastic and cosmetic massage treatment types. Purpose prophylactic – to maintain skin in good condition and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. After the procedure, plastic massage improves blood circulation and metabolism, improves the condition of facial muscles. But with the help of massage therapy treated trigeminal neuralgia, acne and other diseases. If you do not have the opportunity to attend a beauty salon every week, you can do massage, and at home. Pre-wash your face and hands, and the mirror put on your skin nourishing cream. Then the gentle movements of hands, stroking, you should distribute the cream to massage lines. Be careful with the area around the eyes, here allowed only a very delicate touch of fingers. However, it is better to not risk as massage, just like any other therapeutic or cosmetic method requires a professional approach and knowledge of technology.

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