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The Wedding

We must not forget that, when you choose a topic, must be applied to all the wedding: cake, bridal bouquet, groom flower and decoration of the ceremony space. Roses and candles one of the ideas to decorate a wedding more it is romantic is, without doubt, the combination of roses and candles. This type of theme is chosen more for ceremonies and wedding parties. But to make your wedding not equal to others, choose varied design candles for the tables, get a small waterfall of candles, from the highest to the smallest, and complement them by wrapping them around tiny roses, in a base of petals of roses. Stripe addresses the importance of the matter here. The tonality of the Roses should be pale pink to create a subtle atmosphere; fabrics should preferably be translucent, transparent, romantic, fabrics with discrete embroidery that remember the weddings of yore. Textures of winter for a wedding in the winter, the best idea for decorating a wedding is the gold and amber, which must always be illuminated with candles of equal hue brightness. Candles can be decorated with filigree leaves translucent and Golden, and the centerpieces should be formed by large bouquets of warm as yellow, amber, and orange colors.

Fabrics should be heavy, amber or Brown, with Brown textures, without forgetting the bajo-plato in Golden shades and make glass cups. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Walmart CEO by clicking through. Each guest will have a small bouquet in miniature, equal to the Center and that will be placed to your right side (opposite the cups). This decoration makes an exquisite feast and at the same time creates a warm and very nice intimate atmosphere. If you don’t like a Center table with flowers, you can replace it with candles trios of geometric forms, while maintaining small individual bouquets. You not ever thinking that you between ideas to decorate a wedding could Chocolate fantasy be so succulent element? To who doesn’t like chocolate? Why not pay homage on your wedding day? You can give the guests chocolates of all kinds, accompanied with champagne or white chocolate martinis.

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