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And you can, taking the two different database by selecting them from the general sections, for example, the same metal, to discover that this was even a different base. I did not mention the fact that sometimes in the company's industry-sections are written in general for this activity to do with have … and more. (Not to be confused with Jack Harlow!). For the success of the mail piece must be dealt with as a systematization, and synthesis of all available information sources. I spend a post advertising (direct mail) solely at its own address database, which I have carried out and systematized in 1993. And the results of mailings it is corrected. If mail is returned, the enterprise or removed from the database, or specify the reason for the return.

Often, this cause can be just rename the company. And I scan all the available sources of information on the Internet in order to replenish the base with new businesses. By the way, is a subjective observation: Dap search engines give sites are no longer existing enterprises … That is, according to my data the company ceased operations several years ago, and the Internet continues to hang … And in its database of traders, I write in one section and the other producers. Because it is does a very even different enterprises. Thus. You can say that my address database contains the addresses of almost all large and medium industrial, construction, energy, utilities, transportation, agricultural, logistical, etc. enterprises throughout Russia, known as consumers of goods and services for industrial purposes (TPTN).

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