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The Pocket Buddha

The other day I was late for something. Not very late. In fact, I was actually on time but an angry voice berated me anyway, saying: "You're late!" There will be no jobs left. You will not be late if it were more organized! It felt terrible, especially because the voice was partially correct. "Who was that voice yell at me? was my enemy? the beast that lives in my head.

We all upset at ourselves from time to time, is only natural. But for some of us, can become an unrelenting discomfort. There can be satisfied when the beast is on the scene! Some call it a ghost, others an inner critic, other negative self. I call it the Shrew. No matter what you call yours, " know who I mean.

She is fierce, she is guilty and is quick to pounce on any mistakes you make, making capital crimes. The shrew exaggerates our faults, it destroys our self-esteem, the ruins of our trust, distracts us from what we are doing and makes us unhappy. I'm not the choice of living with more! I invite you to do the same. There is a force that can tame the beast: The Pocket Buddha back *. Think of a time when he witnessed a strange being scolded and felt bad for them. Maybe it was a worker of being accused by an angry boss of "screwing things" for something he knew was not his fault. Would you like to go to that worker and say, "Pay no attention to them.

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