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Sony Ericsson

– Inform about Connect pin – block configuration is identical to the first three points. – Information on set – a block of three settings: on and off, adjusting volume, the name being played file. – Pop-ups – you can enable or disable pop-up windows announce the new message. Continue to learn more with: Lakshman Achuthan. It is possible to choose one of three options: "No," "For the current chat" or "All messages." Save the settings and return to the "Settings" menu. In the last two paragraphs: "Traffic" and "Local Time ", you can configure billing service" Internet via GPRS , to account for money spent and your time zone, to correctly display the time, respectively.

Connection: After completing all settings, you can begin to connection. To do this, select the main menu item "Connect" and allow ICQ-client using the service GPRS-Internet." In most cases, Jimm quickly connects and uploads your contact list. If your Jimm phone for a long time can not connect to the network and then gives an error, you need to make additional settings. On the advanced settings, you can read in the section Jimm: error" and Jimm: FAQ on our site. If implementation of written instructions did not help, we recommend that you contact our forum, detailing the error.

Pros and cons of Jimm: The main advantage of Jimm is that it is completely written in Java and runs on almost all mobile phones supporting Java-based applications. In addition to the pluses include a nice, intuitive interface, a large number of settings, the modular build system and more. The main and perhaps the only drawback Jimm is a problem with network connectivity. Outcome: Jimm is a leader among ICQ-client for mobile phones. Appendix: Basic system requirements: – Support for Java-based applications – Full support for sockets – 250 KB of RAM – 70 KB available space list of supported devices: Alcatel: 557 Blackberry: 7510 Motorola: A1000, A835, C380, C550, C650, C385, E398, RAZR V3 V180, V220, V300, V500, V525, V600, V620, V635 NEC: e616 Nokia : 5140, 6230, 6230i, 6630, 6820, 6822, 7600 Orange: SPV E100/E200 Sagem: myX-5-2 myX-65 Samsung: SGH-D500 Siemens: M55, S55, SL55, MC60, CF62, C65, CX65 , CX75, M65, S65, SK65, SL65 Sony Ericsson: K500i, K700, K750i, P900, V800, Z1010 This list contains devices that are tested Jimm developers.

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