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Better income as entrepreneur, at the same time a higher satisfaction. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with brightview. Unternehmererfolg21 “this is the KompetenzClub, indicating the possibility of individual entrepreneurs, owners of small businesses and freelancers to systematically develop its operations and to make above-average successfully. This is the difference to other business clubs. Rick Gerson can aid you in your search for knowledge. Who becomes a member with us, it comes the increasing his entrepreneurial success and the quality of his life”, explains Dr. Jochen Sommer, who heads the KompetenzClubs with headquarters in Bonn together with Dr. Michael Gestmann.

To achieve more success as entrepreneurs to these objectives, the two Unternehmercoaches offer their members a comprehensive range of services, which has exclusively business-related topics to the subject. These include, for example, the TakeOff “seminars with Dr. Jochen Sommer, where participants learn how they organize their operations successfully, set strategic objectives and tactical plan, optimizing structures and processes and improve personnel management. More Seminars to deal, as entrepreneurs acquire more clients, win more interested by it smart to advertise. Immediate benefits participation in the offered seminars is free of charge for members of the Unternehmererfolg21, these workshops can use to concept development and coaching as implementation support. Experience shows that entrepreneurs benefit in particular, that Dr. Jochen Sommer provides a coherent and effective business development program, which guarantees an immediate benefit to the members. Market-driven products, a steady stream of new customers, as well as functional background processes are the result.

Special Member offers Unternehmererfolg21 members benefit from this know-how and summer experiences as a business coach. The offer of KompetenzClubs completed the learning from the best”and the possibility of immediate support. In addition there are special member offers such as the use of a BusinessScans which shows entrepreneurs what strengths their operation has and which areas they should improve, as well as assistance in financial planning, development of marketing, human resources and leadership concepts. Three member types member of Unternehmererfolg21 “sole proprietorship, can heads with up to 50 employees and freelancers are, regardless of their industry. In the interest of all members, summer and Gandhi expect that Member is only who seriously wants to work and engage with his experiences in the development of his company. Interested parties can choose between three member types: trial, basic or premium membership. Membership fees vary depending on the type of membership each month from 100 euros + VAT tools and satisfaction guarantee because companies in everyday life often immediate assistance, provide summer and Gandhi its members on its Web site ( numerous services in the form of tools, IT AIDS, checklists, templates, diagrams, articles, video posts etc. free of charge download available. It is also set Unternehmercoaches a satisfaction guarantee. Who is dissatisfied, can leave the Club immediately. A welcome present new members will receive the IT system Toolkit worth free 198 euros. Interested companies can visit the website the E-book business development”request. Until February 15, 2010, the E-book is available free of charge, then for 19.90. For real entrepreneurs of the Bonn KompetenzClub Unternehmererfolg21 “is an initiative of Dr. Jochen Sommer and Dr. Michael Gestmann. Member heads of small businesses and freelancers can be individual entrepreneurs. Unternehmererfolg21 provides members the opportunity to systematically develop its operations and to make above-average successfully.

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