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Roman Empire

Before more nothing, is necessary to remember the historiogrfico landmark of the end of the politics of pax Roman, in 410, with the assault Rome for more constant Alarico and each time? invasions? Barbarians. Of this data, however, she interests in them to stand out the reaction that will mark the irreversible matureness of the culture of the Christianity Occidental person through the imposition of the greco-roman culture, barrier to? barbarizao? of the Roman Empire: The crisis of the Roman Empire seems to make possible? paradoxicalally? , to the rising Christianity, pparently in opposition to the established order, and therefore pursued, to extend forms and structures, the point of not only subsistir as well as to develop itself excessively. Everything this, then, will allow it to go forging its form occidental person and Latin of the Christianity, that will impose and shape all the said Age Medieval. However, the Latin, surrounding Christianity of the exegtica culture of Augustin, precedes and prepares this fact; one is about the Christianity? African? , of century II, that initially reading the Latin Vetus and later, made solid for the workmanship of Hieronymite, the Vulgata, he guarantees the ticket of the exegtico world greco-oriental for that Latin occidental person. That is, names as Tertuliano and Cipriano, among others, form a true column of sustentation to affirm that the source of the theological ideas of the Latin Christianity, that if expands and shines in the medieval period, has dwelling in the formation of the Christian thought that evolves in Africa of the North, in as the century. A first characteristic of these authors constitutes the inheritance of the workmanship of Alexandria; these had not breached with the tradition of reading of exegese of the Schools of Alexandria and Antioquia, exactly through the Latin, fulfilling the task to interpret the Sacred Pages. Thus it affirms J. Danielou, when searching the sources of the Latin Christianity between the heathen ways and it Judaism of the Dispora.

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