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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 – Introduction. 2 – Objectives. 3 – Scope. 4 – Activity diagrams. 5 – Glossary. 6 – Conclusion. 7 – Bibliography. INTRODUCTION Training for development projects is the educational event at the confluence of students, teachers, educational environment, training programs, facilities, technological and business environment, strategies and methods for meaningful development where the learner can be assessed and certified for their expertise labor. The projects are the “activities” queens “of the student area.Are activities that encourage people to question things and not to settle with the first answer, problematizing and the reality. Activities are also allowed to design their work processes active and guide them to interact more independently with the culture and the natural world and living sociotechnologist. Are the activities that lead to put on the table what they really think about various topics. Are activities that are more strongly into play and inventive ideas, leading them to mobilize their theories and compare them with others and with experience, thus contributing to the further development of conceptions. They are the most space activities open to the interests of learners and their growing ability to participate knowingly in the conduct of their learning processes. Cognitive achievements of the projects, interrelated, are not fully achieved in other ways.Learning without projects is unfortunately incomplete learning, which allows trainees to provide the most enriching experiences. Anyone, young or old, who has had the opportunity to develop an authentic manner (ie independent) investigation, however small it may be, may realize that this activity occurs in those who follow a great satisfaction, and encourages learn more, to further deepen the investigation, as you can not do any other training method. OBJECTIVES v To develop knowledge, skills, abilities, skills and values for the creation of job skills through the experience gained during the completion of the training project. SCOPE The training project begins with the analysis and research on theoretical foundations, and ends with the presentation and evaluation. GLOSSARY Learning: is a relatively permanent change in the behavioral repertoire (behavioral) of a subject product of experience. Project: a project is essentially a set of interrelated activities, with a beginning and a definite end. Training: means all studies and learning aimed at the integration, reintegration. FINDINGS Training for projects is an innovative learning strategy which enables the learner to solve problems to make your learning fast and with quality, developing job skills through the expertise in social media and business. REFERENCES Let me tell Sena v magazine. v v

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