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Poultry Genetic

For this they are necessary research that allows the technological development of the creation. The objective of the present work was to tell the growth of estrutiocultura in the country, together with the new ways of genetic improvement involving the species. The productivity of any creation alone can be increased if the genetic potential of the animals will be improved, and this is only possible with the development of programs of genetic improvement. Amongst these found programs of improvement in the present time, we can detach the technique of the genetic markers. The genmica genetics, by means of use of molecular techniques, allows the identification of control points in the DNA, called marking genetic. Diverse techniques are available for detention of the genetic variability in the DNA sequence, identifying existing polimorfismos. The technology of the recombinant DNA and the reaction in chain of polimerase (PCR) are the basic tools for the detention of the genetic markers (al Would make et., 2000).

The genetic marker serves to relate, favorably, alelos of quantitative characteristics identified in the same chromosome and, its detention propitiates information on the way of individual gnica action and its interactions, assisting in the understanding of the quantitative variation and its practical use in the animal productivity (al Would make et., 1999). With the use of this technique is possible to identify and to associate genes with qualitative characters, in accordance with fentipo desired, beyond if having condition to quickly eliminate deleterious recessivos genes of populations. Prioli et al. (1999) it discloses that RAPD (Random Amplified Polymorfic DNA) is an excellent method to lead studies of genetic analyses of populations and genetic variation in species of diverse organisms, a time that is of fast result. The genetic markers appear with a powerful tool for improvement in the programs of genetic improvement in the estrutiocultura, fact that raises the importance of this work a time that if they have few referring articles to the creation of ostriches in the country, making it difficult the creation of these birds, since the producers do not have information enough to develop and to improve such practical of creation.

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