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Pablo Balseiro

The word of mouth marketing, as is He called this discipline, it is based on the 3rd generation marketing. In the first main thing were products, while in the second the relevant relations. In this 3rd generation company has an almost secondary role and simply starts triggers for Word of mouth to expand exponentially among consumers themselves. Therein lies the secret of its success. To make Word of mouth, sellers used advertising techniques. A very successful form of Word of mouth promotion is to create a buzz (buzz, in English). Hum is a highly intense and interactive form of Word of mouth. Word of mouth is essentially a linear process with the information that passes from one individual to another, and to another more and so on.

A seller successfully created a buzz when interactions are so intense that information moves in a pattern in the form of matrix rather than linear. Everyone is talking about the matter. For more information see this site: vcu health. There is a certain difference of meaning between the mouth and the following terms: rumor, gossip and gossip; the negative connotations of these words do not exist in the meaning of Word of mouth. Stands out, that you can perform word of mouth marketing campaigns. Initially, you have to know in depth to customers and non-customers of each company.

What they do during the day? They are people with many contacts? Do they communicate?. After that we must identify which is the wording, i.e. words that are used to talk about our product. These are the early stages that can not miss in any word of mouth campaign. Pablo Balseiro adds us, that today, market makers seek to use mouth post considered the best marketing strategy is to provoke the mouth. Also you will hear them say: but marketing can do nothing to generate it. Traditional marketing has a number of internal and strategic tools that allow you to design the first part of a comprehensive plan.

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