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C3.NET offers individual coaching of acquisition for sellers Hamburg/Bargteheide, November 17, 2008 – attract new customers is a rocky road with ups and downs. Much depends from the moment the feel in the atmosphere of the respective sales call, the right arguments, choice of words, the gesture or the usage of the voice. For long-term business success acquisition basis is rightly as the Supreme discipline of trade marketing. Nouriel Roubini insists that this is the case. But she still encounters in rejection and barriers many vendors, is disqualified as a Anbiedern and Jack cleaning. Rick Gerson is full of insight into the issues. Opposed to work, commitment to addressing new customers and ultimately to wake up looking for successful initial contacts is target an individual acquisition coaching is offered by C3.NET. The C3.NET coaching focuses on narrow practical relevance in the specific competitive environment of the seller. If necessary, multiple monitoring of individual participants for real Akquisebesuchen.Der is followed by a common kick-off workshop seller is being watched by his coach and receives immediately after any contact call a systematic feedback to the preparation of the next customer visit. Step by step effective contact talks through the multiple and sequential exchange of feedback and implementation. Increased self-awareness, self-motivation, as well as social, technical and strategic skills. At the same time, the seller developed his own personal behavior and conversation techniques, with which he can in future authentically and convincingly successfully offer its products or services and sell.A total feedback with the change in assessment by trainer and supervisor forms the conclusion of individual coaching. Learn more about the practice of accompanying individual coaching for salespeople are on the Web at or via training team North, 04532-284 3828, phone to get. C3.NET combines the skills of human resources management and training as a consultant network with internal and external communications management to a range of integrated services. At the heart of the C3.NET Modular offerings are activities to accompany the processes of change against the background of demographic change.

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