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Municipalities In The Country Compete With Central Locations

City environs exacerbated competition of the rates issue at the heart of the intersite regional development is the future ability to meet current and future challenges, as well as to the sustainable positioning. There is no way passes a regional networking in the global competition. The challenges can be mastered without dedicated cooperation of economy, science, politics and administration. The business tax reform gives the topic region a higher priority: more than ever before, it is clear that surrounding communities have gained so far to outline have competitors growing it seriously for the central site and thus further intensify the city countryside problem. It involves relations between core cities and surrounding communities: large cities develop a good site quality (which has its price), that but for free with can be used by companies in the surrounding area. Although to most companies in location decisions not only at the level of the Trade tax assessment, but also on the quality of local infrastructure set, greater competition to the rates will probably be done. Sample decision criteria for the siting of a high-tech company: locational factors have contributed to rapid growth.

The leaders on the ground have promised their support and a fast start of production at the company and kept their word. A non-bureaucratic approval practice is a decisive advantage. To, well trained, highly motivated workers on-site were used, which are still accustomed to shift work. The good infrastructure connection to Highway and airport were classified as other advantages. Next: Sufficient capacity for further growth. Be seen as a locational disadvantages: bad image of the region (problems for the recruitment of scientists and managers). Balance sheet instruments to the description and assessment of the entire site environment are explained by Becker, Jorg: non financial Site balance sheets., ISBN 978 3 8370 6240 3 Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (

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