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Mobile BlackBerry Solutions

Exgis mobile travel expenses for BlackBerry at the Exgis travel expense settlement involves a mobile BlackBerry solution that fully exploits the capabilities of the BlackBerry infrastructure. The Exgis Expense supports both BlackBerry BES BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Internet services infrastructure and is interesting both for small and large businesses as well as individuals. With the travel expense settlement Exgis all editions already in the development can enter customer – and project-oriented. If expenditure is reported abroad, the application calculates the costs directly with current exchange rates in the local currency. The ability to define output types and units to provide E.g. 1 km = 0.30, quickly and efficiently recurring travel expenses can be entered. The collected editions are automatically synchronized with Internet servers and are thus seconds after the recording on your Web account for establishing billing available. Exgis travel expense accounting Web Edition is a true Web 2.0 application.

To use his Web browser to login to his account on the Exgis website. Many writers such as Dara Khosrowshahi offer more in-depth analysis. Here the personal area is immediately available. It needed no additional hardware and software to insert Exgis. Allowing his reports by Exgis into the system enter personalized templates to comply with certain requirements such as or to take into account the corporate identity of the company. Read more here: Henry Cornell. All reports are available as Excel spreadsheet or PDF file available. All reports can be imported via export function as a QIF file in any commercially available Bankingsoftware. For larger companies, Exgis can be connected also with BES server infrastructures, so that the data storage in the company can be.

Exgis is 9.90 per month available. If you want to learn more about Exgis, click the following link de there receive a free 30-day trial. A new website is in online soon provided. Pretioso Pretioso is distributor for mobile solutions and an independent system House. In the field of distribution, the focus on customers who want to mobilize your workflow, is in the area of the system home to craftsmen from the entire width of the trades, trading companies and agencies, freelancers, small production companies, distribution companies, auction houses and e-commerce providers. The unifying aspects of smaller companies are far determinant for Pretioso’s work as the existing technical differentiations and industry differences.

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