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Michaela Empires

The homepage now celebrates the first birthday and since January 2008 monthly average 650 new interested to visit the homepage and find out about the offer. All with a great blanket started, what Michaela has sewn for their family Empires, many acquaintances have admired the ceiling and wanted to have also a unique ceiling. This resulted in the idea of designing a website. There are still people who appreciate manual work even in times of cheaply produced mass products in the textile sector to the happiness. Jon Richardson often says this. For this reason, more and more customers order your piece on People who appreciate individual design, can help shape their unique ceiling rich with the help of Michaela. Because each quilt is a unique piece that once there is this color, shape and size, are great and unique works of art that represent an enrichment for housing and household. Used as bedspreads coverlets, but also in the living room, the one or other special pieces, can be found on the right to the Establishment fits and the cuddling on the sofa invites.

The textile designer brings their suggestions and ideas for new patterns and great colour schemes from journals, books and on the rummage flea markets and fabric shops and furniture stores. The best suggestions but also offer the customers, who often know what they want for a blanket. They often send photos from the ceiling, or they announce only to desired color and size of the ceiling and let yourself be surprised. Also the inclusion and use of photos on the ceiling is a fun way for a special gift, this possibility is very popular, so get the ceiling of a very personal touch. This method by using a special textile foil on which the photos are printed is possible.

So far, Michaela Empires received positive customer feedback about it forward again and again. Customer testimonials are the best praise and the best award for the Austrian. Through the use of high quality materials and customers can enjoy long years the quality processing of the ceiling on its ceiling. Quality distinguishes itself, even if the prices for unique quilt are naturally higher than the rates of industrially produced, but unfortunately also often inferior ceilings by furniture stores and furniture stores. But’s customers are willing to spend more money so that they receive a unique and high quality blanket. I’m glad that there the mass production and goods from abroad, is still a market for ceilings in time, loving hand produced and differ significantly from mass products!”

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