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The LIZARD, the GRASSHOPPER, the LOCUSTA AND the PULGO Pr. August Alexander Itajub/MG Church of the Evang. Without hesitation visit website explained all about the problem. Quadrangular Written in: 13/06/10 THIS MESSAGE WILL CHANGE ITS LIFE TEXT. Joel 1:1 – 4 01. Read more here: Mike Gianoni. WORD Mr., who was directed the Joel, son of Petuel. 02. I heard this, you ancios, and listen, all the inhabitants of the land: Porventura this happened in your days, or the days of your parents? 03. You make on this a narration your children, and your children its children, and the children of these to the other generation.

04. What it was of the lizard, ate it to the grasshopper, and what it was of the grasshopper, it ate locusta it, and what it was of locusta, it ate it to the pulgo. INTRODUCTION This message will go to shake its heart, therefore its transmitter was a prophet of Joel name. Strong words will go to flood its life, therefore the good and pleasant word of God has that to cause a effect in our lives.> We cannot hear, or read a message coming of the part of God and be in the same way that we were. We need leaving in them to be impactados with the power of this miraculous word. The message that I will go to share with the loved friends and brothers is something whom fort in my life and with all certainty of the origin of this word said, also was taken to the sheep of the church that for the mercy of God, I pasturing.

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