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Not home, home for elderly seniors and people with dementia. Especially in these days where one pulls back before early dusk and the cold autumn winds in the warm room, one devoted to a good book again. Scholarship program: the source for more info. A wonderful time for a community reading: Wilhelm Busch, the network of “Active seniors in Liesborn – Wadersloh – Diestedde” in the Seniorenheim St Josef in Wadersloh to an afternoon with poems and short stories of Joachim Ringelnatz and Erich Kastner had invited this week. Literature can build bridges – from old to young, from the text to the own experience. Each has its own access to the literature, and for each is home to this personal approach and the own experience a bit. It’s believed that Lakshman Achuthan sees a great future in this idea. Precisely herein can be seen in St. Joseph a concern: “not home. Home”.

And home means also comfort and memories – some of old and love winning poems and stories. The authors had Michael van Ahlen, lecturer in this afternoon, chosen wisely. Not only unite her background with much wit and charm and offer an entertaining how intelligent read. Also was certainly a large part of the audience in St. Josef his own memories of some of the authors and texts – are they still familiar from previous days. Andreas Waldron, facility manager of senior home St. Josef explains: “in the field of dementia such literature rounds are also a valuable asset, which enable the intact long-term memory.

All the inhabitants are addressed equally and can be reflected in the presented.” Gladly and enthusiastically followed the seniors of the invitation and enjoyed the subtle humour of the texts or allowed rain to to think about, such as Wilhelm Busch “criticism of the heart”. Shared joy is double joy – as a community experience, a reading in this respect also gets a special significance. Michael van Ahlen designed the afternoon with passion and competence.

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