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Labor Organizations

Article 13 .- The labor organizations should seek technological change ecological, ergonomic and homonatropicos in order to establish a permanent and sustained comprehensive system of environmental protection and nature Article 14 .- governments and business and labor organizations of any kind or end homonatropicas must implement policies to recognize the importance of human beings, nature and labor as key factors in the development of mankind Article 15 .- the lumbering, mining or any other order should that affect the nature directly modifying ecosystems must be permanently monitored in order to determine its environmental impact and corrective measures should be implemented in parallel with the exploitation Article 16 .- mining where the uranium is extracted and highly polluting products, should invest in recovery, the double of any other Article 17 .- exploitation policies or control measures must be strict environmental impact permanently sustained over time and space in order to reduce the effects of Article 18 .- farms using chemical modifying plant genetics or affect its production, considered as fertilizers, should be modified in its composition to avoid collateral damage and reduce its effects Article 19 .- all chemicals whose manufacture, processing, distribution and use causes damage to the environment and human beings must keep inscribed somewhere in your presentation amounts to remove the damage caused by Article 20 .- Any industrial, domestic and / or daily where they generate exhaust gases of motor vehicles, heat-generating facilities that use oil and electricity or coal containing sulfur, sulfuric acid plants, incineration of waste heat and power generation, a reactive gas pollutants in the atmosphere, carbon compounds, nitrates, sulfates and metals, like lead, copper, iron, lead and zinc smelting of lead battery industry, generating heat and electricity use processes where nitric acid; explosives, fertilizer plants non-methane hydrocarbons (including ethane, ethylene, propane, butanes, pentanes, acetylene) evaporation of solvents and other chemical process should be reviewed in laboratories a homonatropicos to reduce damage to the environment and people to redirect science and its various manifestations to the welfare of the community and nature holdings Article 21 .- timber, mining and shipping should be subject to special laws designed to regulate their exploitation, extraction, processing, marketing goods, in order to reduce its trade through substitute products or generated in recycling plants, where possible, and especially to protect all species of any kind. . . . Under most conditions Sam Feldman would agree.

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