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Group Lessons

Analysis of pros and cons of Einzeunterricht groups.To take tutoring, tutoring service has many reasons for students or their parents. Bad grades, pending investigations, missed lessons (E.g. WG.) Disease, alien, schools etc.) and understanding problems cause additional promotion in school teaching as well the desire, to get as the destination to be able to keep good notes. The tuition can both individually with the students or the teacher at home take place or in our group lessons at a neutral venue if multiple students have the same educational deficits. In our group lessons can usually on individual problems and deficits not as well be addressed and the tendency to the distraction is stronger than with the tutors. The set times, as several students must vote their free dates with the teacher are another aspect. In individual lessons can be entered on the individual problems and questions of a student. The processing of technical gaps and preparing to exams can be addressed specifically.

As individual tutor, for example, students of higher classes or students considering coming. When selecting a remedial power, the parents of students are often instructed on recommendations from acquaintances or teachers. The Internet and numerous institutions such as providing the tuition offer students who can not rely on such recommendations for students ( the possibility of finding a teacher. : Contacts tuition “Students for students” Bernd Hagemann Council Hamid Beckermann way 51 40699 Erkrath

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