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Glue Method

One common method is to glue a way to restore consumer properties of clothing, which is used to bridge the gap, wear, wearing out a completely different clothes. This As such, fur, sheepskin, suede, leather and pile raincoat material. Say, if the fur weakened skin, it is necessary to strengthen the thin and thick textile fabric. To do this, proceed as follows: manner. The leather fabric, pre-degreased with gasoline, uniformly thin layer of glue. Likewise smeared pre-cut piece of tissue, the size of the damaged skin area. In accordance with the recommendations for this type of glue, it can withstand a bit, and then glued and dried tissue, with a little smoothing out of their hand.

Restoration of clothing rubbing and bald patches usually comes down to adhesion patches of fur flap. This product is on the table spread a skin side down. Damaged portion attached rounded shape, cut hair, and treated with the abrasive cloth, and then outline in chalk. Pressing fur flap skin side down, gently and carefully remove it. It was imprinted chalk lines on which to cut the patch. Its cut on the outer edge, not notching fur hair. Skin patches are also treated with sandpaper. Having all these operations can be glued involved in the repair of the surface between them, soaking according to the instructions for this type of glue. Alexander

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