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You awarded to”medium-sized companies, which make excellent in the field of innovation and are characterised by openness, experimentation and a brave willingness to change. The academic Director is Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke of the Chair for entrepreneurship and innovation at the Vienna University of economics. Mentor of the competition is ranga Yogeshwar, who replaced the former Prime Minister of Baden-Wurttemberg, Lothar Spath in this task since 2011.

Learn more about the contest: presse/hintergrund/innovator-des-jahres-das-verfahren.html the welfare work for Baden-Wurttemberg the welfare work for Baden-Wurttemberg is a foundation of under civil law and was founded in 1817 by Queen Katharina von Wurttemberg. It operates in 18 locations in Baden-Wurttemberg Foundation nursing homes and senior residences. To come out-patient services, mobile food services, as well as its own training center. With over 1,000 participants and participants per year is the welfare work, one of the biggest winners of the voluntary of social year (FSJ) in Baden-Wurttemberg and at the same time carrier of the Federal voluntary service (BFD). Innovation in the work of the welfare innovation belongs to the Foundation on behalf of the welfare work – examples: In the past, new forms of housing were with developed and introduced for elderly people from the welfare work so for example the first sheltered housing in Germany, the first day care in southern Germany, and one of the first senior WGs in Baden-Wurttemberg goes back to the Foundation.

Currently does the elderly institution engaged in several projects funded by the Federal Ministry for research in the area of technology-assisted living at the age. 2012 in nursing homes of the Foundation the avant-garde cuisine known from the gastronomy introduced to people with swallowing problems on Creatively again to more enjoyment when eating. Whenever Fairstead Brooklyn listens, a sympathetic response will follow. From October the Foundation will be Wurttemberg with her old nursing school the first in Baden-Wurttemberg, offered the three-year old nursing education in modular form a way to facilitate subsequent career paths the graduates by recognition of individual modules for training, or for access to higher education.

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