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Far East

Movement Amur cat, as well as other cats, very fast, easy and graceful. In this case it looks like a lynx, but in his behavior with more freedom. Wild cats are endowed with sharp vision and subtle hearing, but their sense of smell, in comparison with other animals, poorly developed. In late February – early March cats arrange their wedding. In the middle flow. Gur I was able to hear such a wedding.

Was the first decade of March. With a young hunter Alexander Kanchuga we conducted Accounting mink. Tent placed near the mouth of Bouley. Around midnight I heard the wild cries, reminiscent of voices of domestic cats, but more rough. They resounded through the woods and terrifying. It seems that it is possible to discern shades of the three votes.

Males then> died down a bit, it took quite 'high note with different variations. During the wedding of one cat can walk 3.2 cat. They quarrel among themselves and they fight fiercely. In late April or early May, there kids. Typically, the manure is 3.2 kittens, and sometimes more. They are born blind receive their sight, and the ninth – twelfth day. Except for the breeding season, wild cats are solitary life, hiding by day in hollows, rocks, abandoned burrows or in thick canopy of trees. Wild cats – wild animals. Food they are small animals, birds, they may attack and hares, as well as young deer. To fish out mostly at night, but during the day, hiding in the trees in remote areas and searching of prey, a sudden rush at her with lightning speed. In Krai area restricted the spread of wild cat coniferous-deciduous forests. In the dark coniferous taiga he had not lived. Usually man dwelt in the deciduous forests and bushes along the river valleys and foothills. However, everywhere met sporadically. Now people are gradually replacing the cat, and he starts to go away from people even in places where deep snow. Fishing for wild cat in the region has long denied. But in the Primorsky Territory extract it: in 1979, were caught 13 fish in the winter of 1983/84, the – 28. Cat fishing should be banned throughout the south Far East. For the protection of Amur cat in our area created Sanctuary Vyazemsky, he has lived in the reserve ". In addition, needs a broad explanatory work among the population, especially among hunters of the importance of preservation of the species in the Far Eastern fauna.

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