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European Commission

The Polisario Front must assume its responsibility before the order of the Advice of Security, that demands a responsible attitude face to the people withheld in the fields of Tindouf, Southeast of Algeria, that lives in a lamentable state without minimum conditions of life, instead of calming the situation it creates position of intransigncia and challenge to the legality internaciona. The Front Polisario and Morocco had kept in June of 2007 negotiations directas, under gide of the ONU, in Manhasset (U.S.A.), today the seventh informal meeting in Manhasset. For the self-determination, the essential to arrive at one consensus. Because when said that the self-determination is same that countersignature, without this influences the negotiation process negative nor definitively to bloqueiar the process of the resolution of the question of sara.

Taib Fassi Fihri, Minister of the foreign affairs, considered Morocco as the pledged partner most serious and more of the Europeoa Union, in all domnios. Politician, sociocultural and of security. The position of Brussels is identical to the one of United Nations, supporting the substantial negotiation on the basis of the efforts of Morocco since 2006. Where all the parts have commitment and realism, irradicando the extreme opinions and idiologias of the time of the cold war. Consentidno the position of the European Union, that legal and is supported by many State-members. Sergio Cantone of euronews: having said that if a country of the European Union to take a decision favorable to the Polisrio Front, for reason of the human rights more must be intent to this faction, the agreements and the maneuvers are not changed? The governments, nominated of the State-members of the European Union, seem to be placed well to understand the human reality of the problem of the Sara, origins, blockades, rights and the cost of the not-resolution. Together with the European Commission, the country-members if disclose the first ones to understand the incredible effort carried through by Morocco, to always place itself in the front, together with the European Union. Finally the European countries and members of the assembly of the ONU have as to obtain ways and tools to have a discerning position on the dossier of the Sara, not only in adversity terms, independently and of the influence but yes in terms of decision to finish with a conflict that lasted three decades more than.

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