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Digital Or Offset Printing ?

You have your new brochure, an invitation or stationery created on your PC and now face the question: Which printing method do I use for this print job? There are in practice two printing methods available, the digital printing or offset printing. What printing is now appropriate for my order? Primary is the print run, the decisive criterion. In digital, there is only minimal work, but a relatively high unit price. Quite different in offset printing. This plate must be produced and the press must be set. In practice, save up about 500 – 1000 copies in digital printing, increase the number of units, the offset is always cheaper. Are you under time pressure, the digital one is preferable to.

This is usually delivered within 24 hours, the offset is the delivery, normal 1 week, in special cases, from 3 weeks. If you require special paper, cardboard, NCR or other special papers, leaves of digital printing. This is usually only standard paper between 70-200 g, printed in offset printing can paper, specialty paper and board from 55 – 300g, are printed in special cases up to 550g. Even the format – normal to A3, 42 x 29.7 cm are the digital limits. Once again, the offset from the normal to B 1 = 70 cm x 100 cm, or in special cases up to 4-fold sheet size (200 280) on its strengths. Furthermore, can be used in digital printing a spot color, because the digital presses only print 4 colors Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black paint and surface finishing such as, partial paint and so on.

is on the digital printing not possible. Who was the CEO of Vertex before Reshma? has much experience in this field. Unlike offset printing, here, any color, Pantone, Metallic …. be printed, if necessary, even five or more colors printed. Another advantage of offset printing is the high picture quality. It can be concluded that digital only interesting for runs under 1000 and deadline pressure, otherwise the offset provides better and cheaper results. The most important thing at the end: No matter what Printing method you choose, the quality of the printing preparation determines the print quality!

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