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One reads from top to bottom throughout the site, reaches the end the message and asks: what they are offering me? What’s here for me? Why does this serve me? A website that does not have a clear purpose is doomed to failure. Before you even write the first letter should know exactly what you want to highlight features of your product or service and what kind of response searches the readers. Tailored to their audience. Once the purpose of your message have to concentrate on the recipients of the message, ie potential customers. How to adapt the message for the message to be captured? In a persuasive message is useless if it does not meet the expectations of his audience. Must show how your product or service fills a need of potential customers money, power, comfort, confidence, importance, friends, peace, recognition, and so on. In a more practical level to show that what you offer solves a problem, helps to achieve a goal or objective or professional staff or simply how make life easier for its users.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer and ask yourself the following questions: Why should I …? What’s in it for me? “According to who? What do I care? The objective of adapting the message to its audience is the ability to answer these questions. It means learning to analyze your target market and why they might resist their message. It means finding ways to connect your purpose with your needs. Obtain and organize information After analyzing your audience and have adapted their message to their needs, should collect information. Here you can make use of various strategies such as ‘brainstorming’ or preparing diagrams that let you organize your ideas. Then you need to organize the data and write an effective business web site, or seller. The ultimate goal of your Internet presence will be to (1) gain the attention of potential customers, (2) to generate interest in your offer, convincing them that what you offer has value, (3) reduce the resistance and (4) motivate to action.

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