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Charles Darwin

Eraapenas plus an animal, amongst the millions of existing species in the world. Quechegou the current configuration of the species, had to the slow process and gradual deadaptao and evolution; that she originated species human being Homo Sapiens. 17 Darwin nocaptulo 3, of the workmanship pontua that, the such differences of autonomy, autoconscincia between men and animals, to the light of the theory of the evolution not sejamum unsurmountable abyss between the two species. makes a comparison: ' ' We saw since the feelings and intuitions, emotions diversase facultieses such as the friendship, the memory, the attention, the curiosity, aimitao, the reason, etc., of that the man if is proud, can be observed in estadonascente, and for times sufficiently developed, in the animals inferiores' '. 18 Exactly with all these you evidence pointed for Darwin, also of that the moral direction, is not something found only in sereshumanos. Present also, in the social instincts of the animals, as ' ' to sentirprazer in the mutual company, to feel compassion ones for the realizarservios others and of aid mtuo.' ' 19 the resistance the Theory of the Evolution, already is bemconhecida, and sufficiently explained during all this gift trabalho.PoisCharles Darwin, it removed the man of the center of nature, and this for the especismoreinante one was and continues being inconceivable. As much that many of the conceptions deDarwin, had been ece of fishes in favor of the especista ideology, of that the evolution of the maisaptos, justifies the human domain. Result of petrified the especistas ideas has muitotempo, in the matrix of the thought occidental person. 1.3 The habit to consume the meat: especismo today Especismo was a term created in 1970 for RichardRyder psychologist, professor of the University of Oxford, to establish a parallel entrenossas attitudes before the too much the racist species and attitudes, therefore partial or prejudiced behaviors for the interessesdos members of our proper group in relation to the interests of the members of excessively ambasrepresentam.

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