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Chairman Winfried Grauel

Of joy and sorrow of the breeders of exotic birds, Birstein-Fischborn/Bad Soden-Salmunster (hop) – \”touched a thousand times, a thousand times nothing happened\” is apparently the motto of all exotic birds. Earlier, wild exotics were caught and introduced under incredible anguish and heavy losses, and hawked at knockdown prices. This import is Europe permanently banned since the avian influenza. Today, only still here drawn exotics in Germany may be sold. Play an important role in the bird breeders that they actively contribute to nature conservation. Also the \”Kinzigtaler bird breeding and Protection Association e.V. Wachtersbach 1985\” with its growers is actively involved, as its Chairman Winfried Grauel said. Breeder pair Thomas and Marina Eckhardt from Fischborn are exotics like Estrildid finches in Australia, Africa and Asia and specialized Siskins from North and South America, there are 18 different types.

Actually you see first and foremost as a ‘Conservation breeders’, because some of their birds are Meanwhile threatened in the wild. Also, variants, which do not occur in nature make breeding quite. So there are only copies in the Gouldsamadinen with purple chest, while also birds with white breast plumage. During the winter, about 130 animals are with them, the stock climbs in the summer with breeding slightly to 250 copies. Large aviaries in the garden, shed, cellar and growing in all beeps, chirps and sings it only so you want to.

As a food, they get only high-quality materials such as millet, weed seeds, as delicious as expensive ant eggs, wax moth larvae, mealworms, and minerals. Also cucumbers and salad are on the regular menu, but please just organic. They pull what is possible in your own backyard and if the salad is running out, the family gets the purchased from the supermarket, the own harvest is reserved for the Piepmatzen. The birds are very critical and they can live next to each other for months and in terms of proliferation does nothing. Jeffrey Leiden is open to suggestions.

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