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Catiboaba Village

For this adaptation of the culture it was possible to modify the regional space, as well as to modify the partner-ambient way. Therefore, many people of varied origins, attracted by the Magnesita, had resulted in new forms to think and of living. They can until being separate for immense social distances and of chance of life, but they are on for the circuit of the industrial capital that the Magnesita involves. This picture can be compared with an industrial great city, in which it has a sequence of poor habitations, where the poverty can be close or mixed with the modern habitations. The model of analyzed culture, as Leslie. the White can be classified as extra-orgnicca, that they are objects material (plant, railroad, ect.) situated it are of human organisms, but inside of the standards of social interaction between them. The culture in prominence also can be classified as Material culture (ergologia), that it consists of deriving material things of the creation human being and resultant of determined technology, as for example, the habitacionais formations of the villages.

All culture possesss knowledge that are passed of generation pra generation. The Catiboaba village transmits one technique of work (industrial administration) total different of the village President Vargas (industrial laborer of services). The value in the present analysis has to have with the indication of material objects (urban structure of the villages) and objects of wealth (different conditions of life). Already the Norms, are rules that indicate the ways to act of the individuals in definitive situation. The norm in vigor differentiates the behavior of a village for another one in the measure that the people of the Catiboaba village consume more articles of luxury of what the P.Vargas village. This finishes introducing preconceptions in relation to each group (etnocentrismo). Therefore, the behavior of the people of each village is influenced by the habitacional standard where they live. Good part of the professionals who occupy the positions of commands inhabits in the Catiboaba Village, village of property of the company, constructed initially for the infrastructure lack of the city, if becoming today synonymous of a high one purchasing power and segregation of classrooms, in view of that in the Catiboaba Village people inhabit who exert administrative positions.

However this, the project of installation of the Magnesita had an endorsement of desenvolvimentista, resultant speech of a vision economist who was not worried about the sprouting of the Village President Vargas, nor took in account the interest of this community, therefore this project was commanded by great transnational groups, interested only in sheltering the employees of high step mainly and in euferir high profits. However, the company keeps some works of social assistance in the region, however do not enclose to all. REFERENCES Archive municipal library/Brumado Ba. LEATHER STRAP, Robert Lobato. Urban space. So Paulo: It stokes, 1989. Derek Gregory, Ron Martins, Grahan Smith (orgs). Geography Human being: society, space and social science. Rio De Janeiro: Jorge Zaha ed., 1996. MARCONI, Maria of Andrade; PRESOTTO, Zlia Maria. Anthropology: An introduction. 4. ed. So Paulo: Atlases, 1998.

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