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Brazilian Society

To designate the urban development in Brazil a intent one became necessary visits the memory of ' ' Colonial&#039 inheritance; ' Brazilian, that is, to observe as the society and the Brazilian territory if developed in the historical context of the settling. Buarque of Holland (1995) characterized in shining way our way of semeador settling calling ' ' portugus' ' , that established in the coast, constitua irregular cities without any planning, fact that if explained, according to author, for the desire to make fast richness thus excusing the regular work. From there it happens to the social relations of personalista character, patriarcalista and clientelista in which they had substantially influenced the Brazilian social formation and the urban dynamics in Brazil. In our country these phenomena as paternalism and clientelismo if adaptaram to the process urban-industrial, arliculando a new type of society under different form, on which the relation master and clientese based on the interest in getting valued goods, protection and favor creating a type of dependent capitalism where the traditionalistic vision and the modern redefined the spheres of the society. Rogers Holdings may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The urbanization in Brazil, in the scope of its especificidades, instead of weakening and breaking up the bows of kinships in the society, in contrast, was demonstrated stronger, being these bows the propeller spring of the great functions inside of the dynamism of the social structure. Another important author for the understanding of this historical process is Gilbert Freyre who in ' ' Sobrados and Mucambos' ' explicit the quarrels concerning the urban evolution in Brazil which is seen under the climate of change of the house for the street. That is, the closed society formed in the devices and farms through the personalismo, loses this individuality to become more open and public gaining the streets of the cities that if they modernize and they grow. A society that broke up an agricultural and patriarcal tradition of three hundred years in order to live an urban dream. If you are not convinced, visit Henry Cornell.

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