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Berlin Comitas

“‘ It’s not your fault that the world is as it is, it would be only your fault if it stays that way!” Are the virtues of our members of staff, hospitality, tolerance, and mutual respect. Here, people of from different countries and cultures to be brought together. This one logs on just on the Internet portal. Everyone can participate for free in linguistic and cultural exchanges and thus make a contribution to the friendship and peace in the world. A good understanding between the Nations is hardly feasible due to different languages and cultures. It is also difficult to take part in so-called crisis areas on an Exchange. And right here is the spirit of Comitas inter gentes. At C.I.G, there are no different countries or crisis areas.

Aims of Comitas inter gentes, to bring together the people of the world and to secure the peace. This free network should be established beyond all borders. Thus, each Member, like a giant puzzle, should contribute his personal contribution to the friendship of Nations, peace in the world and the spread of Comitas inter gentes. After successful free login and create a personal profile, everyone has the opportunity, to other members of Comitas inter Gentes in contact. According to individual requirements, you can make the search in our database.

For example, can find language exchange partners to eliminate language barriers. Still you can get worldwide gentes free accommodation, tours or other assistance from C.I.G. members on travel of Comitas inter. Even a mutual housing or home Exchange is possible. Friendships can be forged and maintained their own holiday in the financial framework. In the Forum, you can contact as well with other members in contact, offer help and get help. You can also report peace and environmental projects by his personal auxiliary, and advertise. The offer of Comitas inter gentes is free and can therefore also financially weaker Give people the possibility to learn a foreign language or to make vacation dreams come true to a financially affordable. Organiser Sascha Bretag: Every day on television, seen war, poverty and environmental degradation. I wanted to no longer sit around and look like all the other way. That’s why I decided to call me, which is free, where everyone in the world can take part in a cultural exchange a network. My interest in languages, cultures and travel could occur C.I.G.. At C.I.G you can find language exchange partners, penpals, host families and host in the world. Please visit Grace Venverloh if you seek more information. I think that cultural barriers can be broken by this whole points and each individual can contribute. Here a quote of the Berlin punk band “Die arzte” from their song “Your fault”: “it’s not your fault that the world is as it is, it would be only your fault if it stays that way!” I am the beginning and hope, that many, many people will follow me.” Just 14 months after the establishment of Comitas inter Gentes “(Latin for friendship) the number of members from 115 to 2500 people of different nationalities have risen. The website of Comitas inter gentes” has been extended to 7 languages.

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