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Advertising Revolution

Revolution indicates a radical change in how we think about some of the realities of the world of marketing and advertising. 10 are for us the future revolutions that are going to hit the world of advertising soon. We have all heard or read recently where the word YOUTUBE news sounded frequently. Behind every story of this kind is a common denominator “Google.” The truth is that talking about each of the 10 revolutions would spread too much, so focus all attention on the revolution that Google is proposing. And it seems that these guys not long ago were strangers in the minds of great ambitions. No doubt the world of advertising will have a before and after birth and if all think we’re going to talk about the Internet you are mistaken. The last and most spectacular is to bring his new vision for media planning to the Radio.

This will be the new scenario where Google intends to move. Imagine the following situation. “Vas driving down the long street of your town or village. In After listening to the radio y. ..

suddenly you hear the voice of the chef of the restaurant you’re feeling that says “Restaurant Rochita come to enjoy our delicious Pan & Grill -” This really is not very far because Google is starting to work the system in the U.S.. It will be something like one to one led to the radio, something unthinkable for two days. Finally …. it seems that these guys will not stop surprising us and the next … just enough to see “Minority Report.” Imagine and see come true.

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