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Administration Culture

There are many companies in the country, especially the SMEs, who have neglected to develop their own organizational culture and, since then, has originated them no favorable results, more when they operate in turbulent scenarios, such as actual Venezuela, where the risk, the uncertainty is given due to constant interventions by the Government through a very uncertain economic policy, without defined development plans. There are a significant number of companies, that just by not having a good organizational culture were affected, they have had to close and others restructure their plans, taking into account what it represents have a good organizational culture. Remember as others have already pointed out, that culture determines how a company works, this is reflected in the strategies, structures and systems that presents the same and can be learned, evolves with new experiences, and can be changed for good if he comes to understand the dynamics of the learning process. The schools of Administration of national universities must give more emphasis to the relevance, scope of what it means to teach, develop a good organizational culture according to the national reality, to the characteristics of the Organization, the requirements that today’s world of business requires to be competitive. Must be provided to the professional principles, fundamentals, knowledge, theoretical and practical what’s a good organizational culture, knowing properly integrate all the members that make up the company without any discrimination, in a true democracy, while respecting the values of both parties, those of the enterprise and staffs. In a letter of Rosalinda Gamez on the subject, it reminds us, that the definitions of culture are identified with dynamic systems of the Organization, since the values can be modified, as the effect of the continuous learning of individuals; They also give importance to the processes of awareness change as punctual part of culture organizational. The culture of an organization does not arise from the air.

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