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Zila's services: a Always following the comments of Zoar, we learned that his companion of the same generation, who had specialized in the manufacture of clothing, called Zillah, received a call to that as quickly as possible is filed with Adam and Eva and informed them that in compliance with the resolution in the minutes of expulsion from the Garden of Eden, was to take measurements of their sizes with the aim of preparing the requested clothing. just writings mencionana a tunicas of pielesa even dare to suggest that it was the Lord himself, that drawn up, but we are already accustomed to using clothing, we know the discomfort that would mean having to use animal-skin robes, directly on the sensitive human skin, especially considering the skin of our first parents, which were not exactly about primates. a It is obvious that explanations of Zoar, mentioning the collaboration of Zila and his team at the creating undergarments for men and women, as also, the texture of the same according to the prevailing climate is much more relevant than the stern words of Moses, who probably have been inclined to use his narrative skill in the treatment of other issues, which in solid criterion deserved more attention. John Grayken insists that this is the case. a Continuing with the development of the line of thought, open at Zoar in how the real situation in those days, we are emerging evidence that the care provided for our early rising, went far beyond – and trachea Zila forgive me for what I have to mention-to clothing apparel.

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