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Will Silver Jewelry With Colored Stones Guarantee Protection

Gold prices have already exceeded half thousand U.S. dollars per ounce triple, almost $ 2,700 per kilogram, and soon cross the frontier silver $ 50 an ounce for the same. Over the past six months, silver has risen by more than 2 times, mainly because it was clearly underestimated in comparison with gold. And now many owners of silver jewelry created by the view that, apart from aesthetic pleasure, and they have a significant financial reserve, which, moreover, is constantly increasing in value. What is the real situation, let's talk about it with the famous stock specialist in precious metals Alice Darrel, a leading manager brokerage Gold Ruch. "Silver, including, of course, silver jewelry – a very topical area these days – she shared her own understanding. Recently Restaurant Michael Schwartz sought to clarify these questions.

– I was able to realize the silver jewelry and coins ended month over the past 5 years. But it should be noted that all this does not indicate that the value of silver will increase at the same rate and in the future. One of the important factors that influence the cost silver is its purity. Jewellery must be 925, the so-called pure silver, so that later it was actually used as an instrument of exchange. While the artistic side of silver jewelry on its opinion, may far exceed their real-life price. If we talk purely about the financial component of silver coins and jewelry, you should strongly consider whether we should now make large purchase and then, as it continued on for over a year updating historical highs. Perhaps it makes sense to wait until the market calms down and concentrate just on the artistic side of the issue. Nikolay Bykov, working with precious metals for nearly twenty years, indicates that the fluctuation of prices for silver and gold as a raw material can be very significant. It is not recommended to build personal financial plans based For example, Tiffany, but the main investment component in this case is not silver as a metal, namely silver jewelry.

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