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What is the Banking Business

Making a product of the banking business – just only instrumental utility of risk reduction or additional features, which consumption can not bring satisfaction in itself. People bring money into the pot so as not to lose them and spend later on other needs, take the money in the bank to spend it to meet current needs. There is nothing that can bind to specific bank customer, like sports Porsche, jewelry or Bvlgary Costume Zilli. None of these senses, which can be sensed Bank. The Bank is practically incapable of bright emotions ignite consumer as well as the emotions become increasingly obvious driver of consumer behavior, financial Institutions remain and continue to proclaim in advertising reliability, convenience, and let the other consumer categories. You can tell a lot about the ambiguity of direct communications in the banking sector, but this is not the purpose of this reflections. The purpose of this material is to look into other, more progressive ways of rapprochement with the target audience.

Of course, the main arsenal of the struggle for recognition in the target market is knowledge. In financial business is nothing more important than knowledge about the market, detailed information about the target audience. At how today is chaotic and sloppy is the system of knowledge about the customer banking, the start information content business should be from the source – from market segmentation. Approaches to Segmentation of financial markets to start – segmentation of the domestic financial market as a fact. Details can be found by clicking Cynthia Bartlett or emailing the administrator. Marketing studies show that Today the Russian market of financial services remains one of the few areas where they are applied weak and vague principles of segmentation.

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