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What Is A DVR

dvr (Digital Video Recorder, DVR) – a standalone unit for recording, storing and further reproduction and transmission of video archives. DVRs in the cctv systems currently have the largest dissemination of recording devices. This is due to the large number of functions in the surveillance systems that have DVRs, compared with other systems record video images. Previous record Surveillance for the most part written for special VCRs, but videotapes were quite expensive consumable items, and require much more careful handling than the CD-ROM or hard disk. Advantages of video recorders: 1) Easy and affordable viewing video files. In the days of cassettes to catch the attention of the appropriate personnel, was required to wind recording video, which is inconvenient and takes a lot of time and 2) became more memory, which appeared in the transition from analog recording to digital. It is related to amounts of memory video recorder, and with new methods of compressing digital video, and 3) was made possible remote access viewing video files over a lan or the internet; 4) dvr records the image with better resolution and quality, 5) DVRs offer much greater functionality than VCRs, and 6) recorded in digital format video stream has a much longer life than the recorded video in analog format; 7) simplify appreciably circuit transmission of the surveillance law enforcement agencies no longer need to copy images to another tape, simply insert the CD-ROM, usb flash drive, memory card and transfer the required information on carrier, 8) Digital recorders can record video in several modes: a permanent record video fragments, recording or motion sensor alarm, record user-specified time; 9) Ability to backup data to removable media or on a remote server on the Internet. As a rule, setting the dvr can include a daily copy of archived data onto removable disks in the event of damage to the device, the records themselves from the surveillance cameras were not injured. As a removable media for backup may make optical drives – drives Blu-ray, dvd, and devices that run over usb interface, such as the removable hdd and memory cards.

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